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Husqvarna Viking mySewnet Embroidery Software 201 (SILVER) With Jo

This second class, SILVER mySewnet, covers the capabilities that Husqvarna/Viking provides as either a perpetual license or on a monthly subscription basis. There will be four major segments to our SILVER mySewnet Class:

1) SILVER mySewnet set-up and wi-fi use;
2) Basic Operations (individual and grouped design adjustments);
3) Key tools: Lettering; Super Designs; Frames, Borders & Flourishes; and Encore;
4) Wizards: Endless Assistant and Split Project.

HOMEWORK will be to develop, document, and execute an embroidery project to share with other
Quilters Haven customers, using at least three of the mySewnet SILVER capabilities. To honor
Intellectual Property Rights, please start with a free design.


Materials/Equipment for Students to bring
1. Laptop, power cable, and a USB Drive (thumb drive)
2. Notebook and pen/pencil
4. A positive attitude

D. Supplies for Instructor to provide for class use
1. Laptop with mySewnet loaded
2. Projector
3. Handouts for students
4. Class assessment forms
Instructor Name:
Jo Tate
Instructor Bio:
Ms. Jo Osborne Tate: I've enjoyed quilting for over 30 years and now love learning new things to increase my creativity. Growing up, I always considered my sister to be the "creative" one, where I was supposedly the "analytical" one. Turns out that as adults we found that can both of us can be analytical and creative at need, and I suspect that is true of many of people--we just need the right challenge.

My prior life as electrical engineer, specializing in software design, makes it easy to connect my interest in machines and software. But even that software intensive background would not have led me to teaching in a quilt shop. Luckily a close friend encouraged me to attend a quilt show in the early 1990s with her and I reluctantly agreed. I am no longer reluctant and am constantly look for ways to stretch. (I love taking new classes from the talented instructors at Quilters Haven!!!)

My first machine was a Husqvarna Viking Rose embroidery machine, after which I graduated to a
Husqvarna Viking Designer 1 (which I recently let go), so I could do larger embroideries. And when simply stitching designs from other people was not enough, I found Husqvarna Viking's 3D Embroidery Software (upgrading as opportunities arose thru 5D). When we moved to Florida, I bought my "retirement" embroidery machine from Quilters Haven, the Designer Diamond Royale (also in the Husqvarna Viking line) and upgraded my software to the 6D Premier Plus--felt like heaven with a new home, new machine, embroidery software and lots of quilts on the drafting table. Then surprise, the EPIC 2 enticed me to invest one more time--the laser guidance and wider stitches hooked me. And software enhancements (with mySewnet as the latest offering from Husqvarna Viking) keep me interested in developing my own designs, or at least tweaking purchased designs for my own efforts.

I look forward to teaching new machine owners how to get the most out of their specific machines and their embroidery software. I also encourage each of you to explore the technique and project focused classes to enhance your creative expression as well. You will be amazed at the variety of techniques used and types of projects offered.

Husqvarna Viking mySewnet Embroidery Software 201 (SILVER) With Jo